Don't let your holidays be ruined by scammers and thieves

Posted by Steven and Yegor on Dec 24th 2023

Enjoy your Holiday but be careful Thieves are targeting busy consumers with Package Delivery Scams. The winter holiday season is supposed to be a time of peace and joy, but some Criminals take advantage of the rise in package deliveries to scam unsuspecting people.The scammers, trick people waiting for packages, into giving out sensitive personal information. under the guise of a major delivery company, they send out texts urging people to call a number in order to receive a package. Once a person calls the number, the scammers attempt to try out sensitive information, such as names, addresses, and credit card details.These criminals also send internet links that bring victims to a website, where they are asked for personal information or download malware onto their devices.

UPS Tracking Scam

On the email I received yesterday the tracking number was wrong. All UPS numbers start with "1Z". Given the increase in online purchases and deliveries during the holiday season, so-called “porch pirates” take advantage of the situation to steal packages straight from victims’ houses. The thieves frequently target houses that provide quick and easy access from the street, where delivered packages are visible.

The BBB recommends people avoid leaving packages unattended and consider having them delivered to local stores instead. The organisation also recommends asking neighbours to take in packages or installing security cameras to dissuade would-be thieves. The addition of outdoor hidden cameras also protect home owners from home invasion or vandals by giving the home owner the ability to see who is at your door on your cell phone Criminals can target people at any time of year, making the advice mentioned above useful for all occasions.

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