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How to choose Hidden Camera Smoke Detector?

How to choose Hidden Camera Smoke Detector?

Posted by Black Point Security Team on Jun 7th 2019

Black Point Security offers a wide selection of Hidden Camera Smoke Detector. We Offer Battery Operated and AC Powered Spy Cameras built in ordinary smoke detector. 

You Can find Best for you Hidden Camera Smoke Detector by pressing on image below:

                                                                                                     Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

But in this Post we would like to explain main thing which will help you to get the best video from your hidden camera smoke detector. We will talk about two main models of smoke detectors: Bottom View Smoke Detector Spy Camera and Side View Smoke Detector Hidden Camera.

Most smoke detectors are placed near doorway as you enter or exit room. It is not the best place for a hidden camera because person can enter or exit room so quickly that motion detection sensor of hidden camera would not detect motion. That is why we recommend to instal hidden camera smoke detector closer to window or closet door in the back of the room. It will help to have best video and will give time to PIR Motion Detection sensor to recognise motion in room and your spy camera smoke detector will start recording video.

1. Bottom View Hidden Camera Smoke Detector.

If you will choose such type of hidden camera which has a camera pointed out the bottom of the smoke detector body. Which means that if you will mount it on the ceiling and all you will record will be the top of the head of criminal so NO face will be on video. That is why if you will purchase bottom view smoke detector spy camera we recommend to mount it on the wall facing on doorway so it will capture all of the doorway and most of the floor.

               Bottom View Hidden Camera Smoke Detector Mounting    

2. Side View Hidden Camera Smoke Detector.

This is the most popular type of spy camera smoke detector. The camera lens is located on the side of the smoke detector with a little angle downward. Just mount it on the ceiling in the back of the room with camera lens facing to the doorway which will help to catch the most area of the room and doorway. Such type of hidden camera is great for medium sized rooms.

              Side View Smoke Detector Hidden Camera Ceiling

Hidden Camera Smoke Detector Placement Checklist: 

- DON'T Place Smoke Detector near doorway.

- DON'T Place Bottom View Camera Smoke Detector on the ceiling.

- DON'T Mount Side View Hidden Camera Smoke Detector on the wall.

- Make Sure That Spy Camera Doesn't attract attention and originally looking for such location.