Best Outdoor Hidden Camera Guide

Posted by Steven and Yegor on Jun 17th 2024

We offer a wide variety of Products to protect your home and grounds from the exterior. 

If you are concerned of stopping intruders before they have a chance to invade your home or grounds, or just watch your residence while at work, shopping, on vacation. some These products can be solar powered, battery or electric. With Night vision, up to 4K Camera resolution and either with WIFI or NON WIFI.

We have hidden outdoor cameras to protect and record activity wether it be for birdwatching or grounds protection from our bird house yard protection from hidden cameras in tree stump, rock, or a normal looking electrical box or flood light and Doorbell found on exterior of most homes. 

We are now selling Professional outdoor security of your property with pole WYZE hidden camera DVR with Cellular 4G LTE modem which records video in FULL HD on 64 GB SD Card, Cloud recording option even has a motion detection recording mode and big battery on board with up to 3 (three) days recording in continuous mode or can work with AC Power.

Here are our few top selling best hidden outdoor cameras:

If you will have any questions about the product you are welcome to contact us using CONTACT FORM:

DoorBell Security Camera:

DoorBell Camera

Flood Light Outdoor Hidden Camera:

Flood Light Outdoor Hidden Camera

Tree Stump NON WIFI 4K Hidden Outdoor Camera:

Tree Stump 4K Hidden Outdoor Camera

4K Hidden WIFI Streaming Outdoor Camera in Landscape Rock:

Rock 4K WIFI Hidden Landscape Camera

BirdHouse Solar Powered Hidden Outdoor Camera with WIFI:

BirdHouse Solar Powered Hidden Outdoor Camera

Pole WYZE Wide Angle Outdoor Hidden Camera with WIFI, 4G LTE Cellular:

Pole Outdoor Hidden Security 4G LTE Cellular Camera